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As well as the necessary power cord and cables the unit is supplied with an Owner&39;s Guide, Drying Tube (MLA0343) and In-line Filters (Pack of 10; MLA0110). Also post in a prominent location a sign bearing the following wording: WARNING: For your safety, the information in this and the other manuals supplied with this appliance, must be followed to. The furnace must be isolated from the gas supply piping system by closing its individual manual shut-off valve during any pressure testing of the gas supply piping system at pressures equal to or less than 1/2 psig (3. In the event of a small, contained gas leak: 1. 1-litre increment.

Featured Products; Syringe Pumps; Peristaltic Pumps; Centrifugal Pump; Pulsatile Blood Pumps ; Syringes; Tubing & Connectors; Software; Physiology. this odorant may fade over an. Appendix 3 – Gas Meter Installation Standards 26 Appendix 4 – ANSI Z223 1 Table II, Support Piping 26. Includes everything you need to meter your electrical systems and to send your meter data to the cloud.

As a positive pressure is built up on one chamber the diaphragm moves across, and each time this occurs an output is registered on the digital display. • Handle the meter with care. Check out this selection to find flow meters that can handle petroleum products, nonpotable water and compatible chemicals for fuel-dispensing pumps and industrial flow measurement. During the past 50 years, gas meters have proven to be very reliable and accurate and whether you have small or large usage needs, we have the meters that will suit your application. • Do not use gases incompatible with the materials of construction. 9 L); electrical zero reset. The meter is designed with the structure of a rotameter but with the full capability of digital gas mass flow. Follow local practices for lifting or moving the meter.

Harvard apparatus dry gas meter unit sports science lab cardio sports rehab. Prevent accidental ignition. Before you read your dial meter, check the direction of your dials. Hoses with a nominal bore of 22 mm fit directly onto the first step of the connectors. When used with human subjects we recommend using the Gas Analyzer with the MLA246 Gas Mixing Chamber. A representation of the sampling train is shown in Figure 1. · EKM-Omnimeter I v. EKM-15IDS: 120 volt Pass Through Basic Meter.

Applications Elster American Meter Dry Test Meters are used for field or laboratory testing of gas unsaturated with water vapor. The first step toward energy savings is to identify the optimal air-to-fuel ratio by monitoring air and fuel flow rates to burners. Installation and Service Instructions Midco® International Inc. 5%) Optically-coupled detector drives a 4-digit LED display in cumulative 0. earth’s surface of 500 trillion square meters (0.

They may not be exactly as those illustrated above. Prevent entrance of gas into other portions of the building. Consult with the local gas supplier for appropriate wording. Flow meters for manual for harvard 506162 dry gas meter natural gas consumption are great tools used to measure natural gas flow. It is a diaphragm manual for harvard 506162 dry gas meter type positive displacement meter (see diagram).

110 Rockwell dry gas meter with 1/2-inch FNPT side ports: DGM-175: 175 Rockwell dry gas meter with top mount spud connectors: DGM-S275: S-275 gas meter with 3/4-inch FNPT side port: DGM-SK25EX: Metric dry gas meter, used in MC-572 and MC-623. see warning below. List Price Qty; 50-6164: Dry Gas Meter, 115 V: 50-6163: Dry Gas Meter, 220 V: 50-6162: Dry Gas Meter, 230 V. Check for leaks in the gas supply using soap bubbles or other approved methods. The inlet and outlet tubing connections fit the two most frequently selected hose sizes for gas equipment. 4140 West Victoria Street Chicago, Illinois 60646 toll free 866. Harvard Syringe Pump Series 22 Model 55920, Infusion Only, with RS 232 port. The gas meter, however, will only measure the displaced volume and the counter on the meter will only register 3000 cubic feet in a one hour period (assuming gas flow is at the meter’s maximum capacity).

Fits 90% of metering needs. • Ensure that the process gas is clean and dry. It is a positive displacement type of meter, passing pre-determined volumes of gas by means of two counter-rotating rotors or impellers. Here&39;s a typical gas digital meter:.

The dry gas meter manufactured by Harvard Apparatus Ltd. system of manometers, an orifice meter, a vacuum pump, a dry gas meter, and electrical controls for sampling; (3) the sample box assembly, which contains the glassware; and (4) the umbilical cord, which connects the sample box with meter box. IN THE EVENT OF A GAS LEAK: In the event of a large gas leak: Evacuate the area and notify the fire department. These meters replaced an airflow measurement system that required two manual flow measurements and a sample duration measurement to determine sample volume. HSE-Harvard Multi Gas Adapter Stand Alone Page 8 HUGO SACHS ELEKTRONIK - Harvard Apparatus GmbH D-79232 March-Hugstetten / Germany Tel. Grouped product items; Item Description U. By measuring natural gas with Fox Thermal natural gas flow meters, an accurate figure of consumption can be found.

Some gases, such as LPG, seek lower levels, while other gases seek higher. EKM-15E: 120 volt 18mm External CT. Documents and Downloads Type: All Data sheet.

3: Universal Meter, Single Phase or 3-phase,volts, 50 or 60Hz. Find the user manual you need for your home appliance products and more at ManualsOnline. followed in the event the user smells gas. The exhaled gas passed through a silica gel drying agent followed by a Harvard Digital Dry Gas Meter, then a Servomex Infra-red carbon dioxide (CO 2 ) Gas Analyzer (PA-404), and finally a. BASIC METERS: EKM-25XDSE: Single Phase Pass Through kWh Meter, 2 or 3 Wire, 120V up to 120/240V, 100A, 60Hz. Description: The MF4600 Series mass flow meters are made with Siargo&39;s proprietary MEMS sensing technology. Gas dry humid Main gases N 2 - NitrogenO 2 - OxygenH. Elster American Meter Dry Test Meters are used for field or laboratory testing of gas unsaturated with water vapor.

A gas meter is a specialized flow meter, used to measure the volume of fuel gases such as natural gas and liquefied petroleum gas. Appliance manuals and free pdf instructions. , is an industrial meter adapted for experimental use.

Volume Meters Honeywell volume meters comprise a range of custody-transfer metering and secondary metering devices manual for harvard 506162 dry gas meter that are useful to determine how much gas is being generated and transferred at different stages of the gas distribution chain. Advantages Directional rotation is the same. It is ideal for measuring the volume of expired gases collected in Douglas Bags or the volume of gases drawn through a system.

The principal of the Rotary Gas Meter is well known. this manual is not to be used with gas storage type water heaters certified for installation in manufactured homes (mobile homes). 1 HP 5890A Gas Chromatograph Reference Manual vol. Choose the meter you need - from residential, commercial or industrial meters - and in no time you&39;ll have a harvard new, reliable gas meter. It is a diaphragm-type, positive displacement Meter that is accurate to ±1. Every dial on every meter revolves from 0 to 1 and on to 9 before continuing to 0 again.

Drager 31 V-100 cm3 Multi Gas Detector Manual Pump Unit. Follow the Readings. HP 1090 Series Operating Manual HP 5890A Gas Chromatograph Reference Manual HP 5890A Gas Chromatograph Reference Manual HP 5890A Gas Chromatograph Reference Manual vol.

To prevent corrosion of the sensing element, the process gas should be compatible with Ni-Span-C. warning an odorant is added by the gas supplier to the gas used by this water heater. A liquid flow meter from Grainger can help easily monitor liquid flow rates for water, fuels, viscous fluids and more.

5 mm output socket produces a TTL compatible, 5 V pulse with each 0. an odorant is added by the gas supplier to the gas used by this water heater. This industrial Meter has been adapted for experimental use. A six-month evaluation of the dry-gas meters compared sample volumes calculated using the original flow-rate method to the sample volume measured directly manual for harvard 506162 dry gas meter by the dry-gas meter. Can be supplied as kit including Gas meter, regulators, Brass fittings, Joints for easy and quick installation. Gas meters are used at residential, commercial, and industrial buildings that consume fuel gas supplied by a gas utility. 2 HP High Performance Liquid Chromatography Training School HP 8453 UV-Visible Spectroscopy System.

The only task left is to tape a piece of half-wet/half-dry pH paper to the multi-gas meter to complete the system. Diaphragm-type, positive displacement meter (accurate to ±1. This portable industrial meter has been adapted for experimental use. 1 litre increments (range: 0. EKM-25IDS: 120/240 volt Pass Through Basic Meter.

Technical details of Enclosure Box Less Installation time (10 mins). Each dial turns in the opposite direction to the one before it. The Dry Test Meters are used for field or laboratory testing of various hydrocarbon or other non-corrosive gases to obtain highly accurate volume measurements. gas meter technologies by following the Global markets requirements but at the same time setting the metering technology trends for the future. It applies or clean and dry gas metering and control. · Multi-gas meters now have the ability to simultaneously measure gamma radiation, oxygen levels, combustible gases and selected toxic gases, such as carbon monoxide, hydrogen sulfide and/or hydrogen cyanide. This industrial dry gas meter has been adapted specifically for experimental use. This is true since the gas at 506162 two (2) atmospheres is compressed to one-half of its displaced volume or volume at standard conditions.

Manual for harvard 506162 dry gas meter

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